• Information Technology Advisor / Consultant 

Administration, consultancy, supervision and support of National as well as European Union IT projects and funded programmes, dealing mostly with e-Commerce issues and new e-Economy practices. Planning, preparation and deliverance of innovative projects and proposals. Participation into numerous National & International conferences / seminars / forums on IT issues, as senior Information Systems Consultant. Involvement into joint ventures and collaboration schemes along with other Organizations and/or European Consortiums. Scheme and implementation of e-business online environment and middleware. Capture, analysis and transfer of requirements to coders / programmers and provision of support to networked clients.

  • System Administrator / Network Engineer / Webmaster

Build-up of e-Commerce capabilities through advanced network applications & frameworks. Design of suitable network topologies and implementation of digital network workgroups, VLans and VPNs. Installation and configuration of centralized network services & active hardware components (routers, access servers, firewalls, terminal servers, switches, etc). Implementation of various software applications through web-based (cloud-based) platforms as well as typical client/server architecture. Setup of electronic marketplaces, interface design, webpage programming, graphics development, porting database systems on the WWW, coding in .NET, PHP, DHTML and JavaScrip.  Installation, maintenance and support of Internet Web Servers, administration of WANs and LANs, setup of Unix/Linux and Windows based servers & Intranet-oriented working environments.


  • Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (www.acci.gr) (Director of ICT and Registry) – 2020, May – today
  • Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (www.acci.gr) (Head of the IT Dept.) 1996, September – 2020, May
  • Hellenic Ministry of Economy and Finance (www.mnec.gr) (Advisor to the General Secretary) 2005, June – 2006, March
  • National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (www.ekdd.gr) – Course Instructor and Tutor) 2003, December – today
  • Demokritos” National Research Institute, Computing Centre ARIADnet Network (www.demokritos.gr) 1996, February – 1996, September